Lymphatic Phlegm - Show-off Cadavers - The Anatomy of Self Display (2007)


1. Detailed Bypass Surgical Procedure (Whole Vena-cava Anastomosis)
2. Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease vs. Cadaveric Dura-mater Grafts
3. Y
4. Forensic Evidences - Detailed Entomological Calculations (Rear Maggots to Adulthood To Identify Species) A P.M.I. Preview by Cadaveric Fauna Analysis
5. Miscarriage Conceptions in Obstetricia
6. Gynaeccological Sickness (Pathologist Cover)
7. An Undergo Post-mortem Exam (Brought into the Autopsy Suite)
8. Phagocyte Dysfunctions by the Increasing of Bacterial Infections Incidence
9. Compulsive Concupiscentia of Pathologist
10. Pneumo-diffusion Dysfunctions for Anatomo-pathological Abnormalities of the Diffusing Membranes
11. ... with the Rib Cage and All Major Organs Removed the Cadaver Was... (Stitched up by a Mortuary Personnel)
12. Malignant Obstruction of the Bilious Efflux in the Chronic Cholecystitis
13. (TIPS) Trans-jugular Intra-hepatic Porta-systemic Shunts
14. Impressive Hands-on - The Senior Pathologist's Autopsy Technique
15. Profuse Hemorrhage from the Bottom Esophagus Sub-mucous Varicosity
16. Insalubrious Formation of the Collateral Blood Vases in the Whole Gastro-enterological Tract


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